Introducing Touchless Check-in
that can be used at Hotels and Tourist Spots.

If you have a QR code and a smartphone, you can use it immediately after
placing QR Code at the entrance or the reception.
Monthly cost is low and customization is possible.

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What is Touchless Check-in?



Start using it simply by placing it at the front desk. Realizing Touchless Check-in to prevent corona infection. Work Cost for Guest Check-in is also greatly reduced, and PMS and payment can be connected upon request.


Tourist Spots

Would you like to eliminate the line in front of the ticket booth? This is proposal not just as prevention corona infection but also cost of ticketing which will be greatly reduced, and customer satisfaction is also improved.

Why Touchless Check-in?


Protecting Valued Customers from Coronavirus

Touchless check-in helps as a huge role in protecting your valued customers from infection. Guests can avoid human contact with people at the front desk and maintain a social distance with other customers at the reception. Please welcome customers with peace of mind.


Protecting Respectful Staff from Coronavirus

People are the most important asset in the tourism industry. By providing a safe environment for people who actively work in this industry, we protect the lives of employees and manage the hygiene of the work environment.


Achieving More Efficiency in New Normal

Many industries are demanding new services and forms of business, including the tourism industry. Touchless check-in will continue to spread as a new form of service in the age of the New Normal.


Easy to Place


No Technical Knowledge needed to place, which Takes less than 5 minutes. Customers will use smartphone to check in by scanning the QR code



Connecting to other platforms such as PMS in hotel system. Payment Solutions Available, too. Please Contact us for further information.

Our Security


The data stored in the dedicated cloud server area of ​​Touchless Check-in is protected by the latest technology. We achieved solid security and smooth operation.


Contact / Sanitation / Travel Question Form Features (customizable)

Visitor contact information, hygiene questions, transportation questions, etc. are already implemented by default, and you can select them and set them as a check-in form.

Basic Contact : First name, Last name, Address, Telephone, Nationality, Email, Age, Date of birth, Gender, Occupation, Identification, Identification number

Hygiene and Health Questions : Today's body temperature, whether you have a cough, whether you have a medical facility certificate, whether you have had a corona infection in the past, or a history of close contact with corona infection patients

Travel Questions : Previous stop, Next destination, Transportation, International/domestic travel, Past travel history

Other : Reservation number, Relationship with main visitor (if accompanied), Free items

Check-in list and Passport/Identification Card Download Function

Customers from other countries and visitors who need to show identification documents can scan and send those on a smartphone. Facilities can download everything, including the information entered in the form.

Email Function of Accommodation Card

When the guest's check-in is completed, an email with check-in information will be automatically sent to the facility immediately.

Email Function for Notes to Visitors after Check-in

Visitors can receive an email from the property after check-in. The facility can edit its contents.

Visitor Form Foreign Language Support

The form language of the visitors is Japanese and English. We plan to add languages ​​in the future.



Create Own Touchless Check-in

It is also possible to set up customized service upto requests, such as linking with a hotel system or sales system, or implementing a payment settlement function. Depending on the request, there may be additional charges for implementation and fees. Please contact us for details.

How to use

  1. The facility that wants to use the service registers an account on this website
  2. Select the question item required for check-in in question, which shows in
    dashboard after account registration
  3. Print out the QR code which you can find in dashboard icon

    * You can also scan and test the QR code with your smartphone before printing it out

  4. Place the printed out QR code on a place or wall where visitors can easily understand

    * It is possible to copy the QR code image to document creation software etc. and change the size

    * It is also possible to decorate by inserting a beautiful photo stand or "Welcome" etc.

  5. Start using. Have visitors scan the QR code on their smartphone at check-in

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it mean that the user can select the check-in question items from the fixed contents and create additional questions?

Yes, the system already has contacts, hygiene questions, transportation questions, etc. implemented as default settings, and you can select these questions. You can also create your own question items.

Are there any restrictions on the use of smartphone models?

No, as long as it is a function that can scan the QR code, use is not restricted due to the model.

Are there any restrictions on the computer models used by the facility?

No, there are no restrictions on the model or OS. The browsers we recommend are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge as the latest version.

Is it compatible with feature phones?

Yes, if the feature phone also has the QR code scaning function, there is no problem, and many of those camera models can scan the QR code

How does Acomo handle personal information?

Please check our privacy policy for personal information handled by us. The personal information of visitors will not be used by us for marketing or sales activities.

I would like examples of how this system is used at other facilities.

We would like to publish it on the web etc. as soon as possible. Now, please wait a moment. Alternatively, please contact us separately.

Free Trial

Now Free Trial available until the end of July Create your account and see the fit in your facility.

Free Trial


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