What is Touchless Check-in?

No Kiosk Needed

No Kiosk needed to be placed in hotel lobby

Smartphone Oriented 

From arrival to during your stay and checkout, everything can be completed on smartphone.

Cost - effective

-80% Cost Reduction and +80% Efficiency Improvement

Our Touchless Process

Before Arrival

Pre Check-in

Confirm Booking


After Arrival

Arrival Web Form

Guidance over Phone

Digital Key

During Stay


Message Notice

Quick Pass

Before Departure

Remote Check-out


Digital Receipt


PMS Synchronization

Synchronizing with existing PMS and realize seamless operation and data transaction with real time.

Pre Check-in / Check-in at Hotel

Check-in solution that guest can finish check in before arriving in hotel by using smartphone. Also, touchless check in at hotel lobby.

Mobile Payment

Payment function that guests can pay hotel fee on smartphone, upon arrival or check-out

Mobile Check-out

Check-out solution that guests can check out on smartphone, even with payment, wherever the locations such as lobby or room.

MyPage for Guests

Providing a personalized MyPage for each guest reservation to improve the efficiency of information during stay.

Message Notification Function

Sending real-time messages to guests anytime during their stay, when they are out or after they have checked out.

Multiple Rooms Check-in

Solution enables to check-in and check-out for guests who booked multiple rooms.

Digital Key

Digital key solution that guest directly go to assigned room and enter rooms without physical keys.

Quick Check-in and Check-Out

Emailing QR code to customers and Scanning QR code to process Check-in / Check-out, which can be done in 1 second. Enable to save a lot of time for both guests and hotels.


Check-in Form Editor
Residential Filter
Notification Editor
QR Code Generator
Hotel Terms and Conditions
Sentence Editor
Online Guest List
Passport Downloader
Multiple Languages

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Acomo announces business partnership with ANA Trading


Started Business Partnership with ANA Trading

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Exhibit at HOTERES Japan 2024


Acomo Inc announced that it will exhibit at the International Hotel and Restaurant Show 2024.

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Exhibit at TRAVEL TECH ASIA and ITB ASIA 2023


Acomo Inc announced its participation in the "ITB ASIA and TRAVEL TECH ASIA 2023," the largest B2B trade show in the Asian travel industry.

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Watch Online Demonstration Video

Please watch a demonstration online video. You will be able to see the specific check-in and check-out flow, and smartphone interface.​

Read Detail Documents

Please download detailed information about our products. You will be able to understand the product features and details.​



From 0 USD

Initial price will be changed based on types of PMS and the request of customization.



From 30 USD / month

Price will be changed based on the numbers of rooms in facility.


Please contact us for quote, details of information, demonstration request, or more.


AB Accommo Co., Ltd. (AB Accommo) operates “Grids Tokyo Asakusa Bridge Hotel + Hostel (Grids Tokyo Asakusabashi)”, and the check-in service provided by Acomo Co., Ltd. (Acomo) is connected to PMS (Property Management System), achieving even greater efficiency. Grids

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We integrate to your Property Management System

Expecting more partners come. Tell us which system you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it mean that the user can select the check-in question items from the fixed contents and create additional questions?

Yes, the system already has contacts, hygiene questions, transportation questions, etc. implemented as default settings, and you can select these questions. You can also create your own question items.

Are there any restrictions on the use of smartphone models?

No, as long as it is a function that can scan the QR code, use is not restricted due to the model.

Are there any restrictions on the computer models used by the facility?

No, there are no restrictions on the model or OS. The browsers we recommend are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge as the latest version.

Is it compatible with feature phones?

Yes, if the feature phone also has the QR code scaning function, there is no problem, and many of those camera models can scan the QR code

How does Acomo handle personal information?

Please check our privacy policy for personal information handled by us. The personal information of visitors will not be used by us for marketing or sales activities.